Bathtub and Shower Caulking


Caulking and grouting are materials which shrink, dry and crack. It is your responsibility as a Homeowner to maintain the caulking and grouting around the tiles in your home. There are several good materials on the market and we recommend that you use a silicone bathtub caulking. This silicone can be used to fill in any cracks and to redo caulking around the edges of the tub and shower. It is a very pliable material and easy to use.

Complete directions for application will be printed on the tube. It would be advisable to fill the tub with water prior to re-caulking. This should eliminate the possibility of the caulking coming loose when weight is applied. The grouting between the tiles and in the corners should also be checked periodically and any cavities should be filled.

Please do not allow the caulking and grouting to go unattended, as it may result in leakage and damaged walls and ceilings. This would not be covered under warranty. Should you require any advice on how to re-caulk or re-grout, please feel free to contact one of our service personnel.