Drywall Maintenance


The first year in the life of your home is commonly known as a “drying-out” period. Most construction materials i.e. lumber, plaster, masonry, etc., contain moisture and a gradual drying out process takes place after the house is completed. This is particularly evident during the first heating season.

The lumber framework will be subject to some shrinkage and this, combined with the drying out of the plaster, may cause some minor cracking and nailpops to appear on drywall surfaces. This should not be taken as a cause for concern — the problem is not structural and this is a perfectly normal occurrence in new buildings.

We will return only once to complete year-end drywall repairs. It would be to your advantage to coincide the timing of this repair with your plans to re-decorate since these repairs do not include sanding and repainting of any affected areas. If you are not prepared to re-decorate at the end of the first year, you might wish to forego these very minor repairs.

When you are ready to re-decorate, simply fill the cracks and nail-pops with plaster (available from any hardware store). Let the filler dry completely and then sand lightly to a smooth finish. Some areas may require more than one application. Should you wish to have us return to complete the year-end repairs, fill out the Year-End Drywall Service Request Form and forward it to our Service Department prior to your one-year anniversary.