Hardwood Floor Care


Today’s urethane-finished hardwood flooring can be easily maintained and will retain its beautiful appearance for many years simply by following a few general cleaning procedures. Regular vacuuming to remove dust and grit drawn into the house by children, pets, etc. will prevent the surface of the floor from becoming dull and worn looking. For cleaning the floor itself, there are cleaning solutions designed especially for hardwood floors. These can extend the life of the finish for many years and will not cause unsightly buildup on your floors the way that oil soaps and waxes do.

It is very important to maintain a constant relative humidity level in your home at around 40% to 45%. We recommend installing a humidifier during winter months to minimize or prevent unusual expansion and contraction of your hardwood floors and dehumidifier if necessary during humid summer months to prevent expansion.

If you follow these few simple rules, your hardwood floors should maintain their beauty for years to come.