You should become familiar with the location of the furnace switch which is generally located in close proximity to the furnace. This switch controls the flow of electricity into the furnace and should always be left in the ON position.

Heating equipment should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency. It is recommended that the furnace be cleaned on a yearly basis. Your gas provider or any heating service contractor is able to offer maintenance.

In addition, the following should be completed on a regular basis:

  1. The furnace filter should be cleaned regularly. This can be done with your home vacuum; however, from time to time you will find that the furnace filter will need to be replaced. By cleaning / replacing the furnace filter on a regular basis, the furnace will operate more efficiently.
  2. Vacuum inside heat registers to prevent any blockage of air. To ensure adequate air circulation, heat registers and cold air returns should be kept free of obstructions such as carpeting, furniture, etc. The airflow into rooms can be controlled by adjusting either the heat register or the air control flap inside the ductwork itself (this is called “balancing”). You as a Homeowner are responsible for the balancing of the system to suit your lifestyle.