You purchased your new home, now it’s time to select the colours and finishes that will make it your own. Our Décor Store staff will contact you to schedule a Colour Appointment. During your appointment, your Décor Consultant will guide you through our wide range of finishes and customized options available for your home. So get creative, have fun and personalize your home to your heart’s content.

What to Expect at your color appointment

1. What to expect at your colour appointment

When you arrive at the Décor Store, you will have the opportunity to walk through our wonderful showcase to look at the kitchens, bathrooms, as well as browse through all of the samples of flooring, ceramics, faucets and many other items. During your appointment, your personal colour consultant will lead you through the entire process of choosing the finishings that best suit your taste and lifestyle.

What to Expect at your color appointment

2. How to prepare yourself for the colour appointment

You can peruse the various home decorating magazines on the market, as well as visit some model homes to familiarize yourself with the latest available decorating options and trends.

What to Expect at your color appointment

3. What to bring to your colour appointment

Many purchasers come prepared with questions, sample pictures and ads from magazines, or photos/sizes of their current furnishings which will be incorporated into their new home. You are also welcome to bring along a cushion from your couch, a swatch of your bedding ensemble and perhaps even one of your dishes and towels, so that you can best complement your selections of carpeting, tiles, counters and cabinetry. One last suggestion - bring in your digital or disposable camera and take pictures of the selections for your future reference. If you plan to upgrade any of your standard features, please bring in your chequebook, Interac or credit card to pay for your upgrades.

What to Expect at your color appointment

4. How to pay for your upgrades

Once you have completed your colour chart, you will have the opportunity to pay for all of your upgrades by cheque, Interac, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex). You also have the ability to amend your purchase price to include upgrades in your mortgage with as little as 50% deposit. Ask your colour consultant for details.