Warranty Coverage

The most important person to satisfy is you. That is why we are a Registered Builder under the Tarion Warranty Program, thus safeguarding your investment in our product.

Your Warranty Certificate was given to you at the time of your Pre-Delivery Inspection during which you listed any deficiencies in your home prior to moving in.

We make every effort to correct any noted deficiencies within the first few weeks, and will revisit you to have the form signed, which signifies your acceptance of our completions/repairs. It is in your interest to have this form fully completed since it will have to be processed through our office and sent to Tarion.

Exterior work, which requires favorable climate and site conditions, will be looked after as conditions permit.

Your home, like a new car, will go through an adjustment period. During this period, you may find other items requiring our attention, mostly due to normal shrinkage of the materials your home has been constructed with. We will accept lists of such items during the warranty period and we stress that for your protection and as a matter of record, all complaints must be made in writing.

It is only by learning of your problems at our Service Office that we can be made aware of any shortcomings in our product and thereby continue to improve. Service Request Forms are enclosed for your convenience. Please note that these request forms are to be completed and submitted to this office at the time intervals indicated on the form – which is on your 30-day, 6-month and 11-month anniversaries of taking possession.

Summary Of Items Not Covered Under Warranty

  1. Locating survey monuments and boundary lines.
  2. Winterkill in lawns.
  3. Tree surgery and tree trimming.
  4. Weeds in lawns or separation of lawn due to lack of watering.
  5. Damage to concrete slabs, walkst and garage floors caused by salt or calcium products.
  6. Damage to driveways caused by heavy or sharp objects.
  7. Damage to driveways caused by frost.
  8. Damage to driveways caused by petroleum products.
  9. Depressions of less than six inches, unevenness, flaking of surface stones or cracking at the edges of asphalt driveways (if applicable).
  10. Minor surface cracks in concrete walls, floors and porches.
  11. Surface pitting, superficial cracking and marbleizing in concrete.
  12. Efflorescence (white powder) on concrete, stone and brick walls.
  13. Humidity and condensation in the home.
  14. Sanding, painting, wallpapering or refinishing of any drywall repairs.
  15. Separation between the floor and toilet, resultant leakage, cracking of bowl caused by too much tightening of bolts.
  16. Minor drafts at door and window openings and at electrical outlets.
  17. Minor tool marks and blemishes in trim and other millwork surfaces.
  18. Plumbing stoppages other than those caused by construction debris.
  19. Pests such as mice and flies in the house.
  20. Exact colour match of any replacement material.
  21. De-lamination of kitchen counter top and cabinet trim if stove elements are not adjusted to sit above the height of the counter top.
  22. Settlement of exterior after initial repair.
  23. Any warrantable repair to your garage doors if modifications or installation of any electrical openers are added by anyone else other than the original contractor.

For additional information, visit the Tarion Website and refer to the “Home Information Package”.

Warranty Request

To request warranty service from Ambria Homes

  1. First complete your 30-Day / Year-End Warranty Request Form
  2. Submit your completed form to both Ambria’s Warranty Service Office and Tarion*
  3. Ambria will then schedule your service appointment(s)
*Note: Tarion requires you to submit your form prior to your anniversary date. Forms can be found in your PDI Package or online at